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With Odongo Odoyo

I keenly followed the Presidential address to the South Sudanese Nation on the occasion of the eighth Independence Anniversary. One needs to be very brave and courageous to come out and admit the shortfalls which faced the country since 2013.

President Salva Kiir did this with honest heart and trust that the citizens of this great country would understand and prepare to walk and talk a different pace and send out peace messages.

Courageous because the President did not hide anything that had happened and as a leader who has stood with his people all this long trusted that the situation, which had worsened the development activities in the country could be brought to an end with all and collectively participating in nation building.

His touching speech showed a leader who was ready to lead the country to prosperity if everyone played his/her role effectively.

These are a word of a leader who wants to bring the country together and who is committed to the cause of peace and unity.

“Dear compatriots, l recognizes that from the time we earned our Independence in July 2011, our desire to develop credible governance system for the management of our institutions has been interrupted particularly by the internal war that erupted in December 2013.

As a result our country continues to suffer from weak governance system which has undermined effective service delivery and development.

While R-ARCSS provides the opportunity for us to establish a strong governance system before conducting of election in 2012, my government has started on infra-structure development, particularly, road construction, for which South Sudan has committed has committed 30,000 barrels of crude oil every day through an agreement with the government of China.”

I need not to go on and on to analyze the whole speech but l am tempted as before that how many of us have such feeling for the general public like President Kiir?.

He has shown the leadership way which should be emulated by other political leaders in the country. The President indeed as a father of the nation admitted where things went wrong and ask the country to turn around to help him build a stronger and democratic system of governance.

This should not be left only to him but should collectively be done by those who love this country and care for the future generation.

There is no reason why peace and socio-economic growth cannot be achieved if the country walk and talk the same language.

Peace should be of paramount and should be nurtured in every part of the country.

This is how we can defeat the enemy of development. This country stands to jump-start the development agenda only when these are done and put in place.

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