South Sudan welcomes Africa investors – Minister

By Anna Nimiriano in New Delhi- India

Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning Goc Makuac Mayol welcomed investors from African countries to invest in South Sudan. He said this statement yesterday during round table discussions in New Delhi/India. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Mayol continued to say that South Sudan is looking for high opportunities of investments in Africa.

“As the youngest country in Africa, South Sudan is highly looking for investments opportunities.The country is seeking for economic growth; we need skills and technology for development in the country.” In the field of agriculture,most population of South Sudan is living in the rural areas. There is enough land for agricultural activities; we need investors to take this opportunity to go to South Sudan”.

Mayol further said South Sudan wants to get experiences from India on how to feed huge population. “Our level of education is low; we need the government of India to continue training our people in various skills”. “Indian community living in South is to get opportunity to go to the rural areas for investments”. “This is the time for them to interact with South Sudanese communities and enlighten them on development projects,” Mayol explained.

Mayol stated that health facilities in South Sudan are poor; most South Sudanese are coming to India for treatment. “Anyone who feels sick comes to India for treatment. “If we count the number of people treated in India, they are many; it is because of good health facilities.” “We need the facilitation of development to go beyond Juba. “I am appealing to investors;the viable place for you is South Sudan, for the reason that our population is huge and there is high demand,” Mayol said.

He said the government would prepare a conducive environment for investors in the country. “What South Sudan would do is to partner with the Indian government for investment”, he said adding come one, come all to partner with Africa,”Mayol concluded.

On the other hand, most of the panel discussions were that Africa should provide good infrastructures for investors. African countries should benefit from India experience. Africa would work together to support industrial development.



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