Social is not meant for destruction

By Agar Mayor

Human approaches to certain life problems differ from one person to another. These variations come as a result of our different cultures and norms, like where I come from, for one to be considered and his opinions get accepted. You must have passed through some stages to win the choice of your people.  At a younger age, a child is monitored and brought up in such a way that he gains interests in attending big talks with his elders. These talks would prepare him/her for a public or a community figure and also acts as a front-runner for the stage before the adulthood.

Before adulthood there is step to be followed, it is virtually termed as initiation in the Western language. This step determines your stand in future ahead. It is characterized by pains and sufferings but later on it is followed by happiness when you win the race.  And thereafter, major gates of the world of sorrows open for you. This is a world where you are no longer stand by someone’s legs. This is now, the beginning of things for you, whereby you do things without someone’s interference. The above stages were set and put into practice by our grandfathers, they worked out their problems by observing and following these steps and this led to their victorious win against production of a meatball society.

Your freedom begins here; you choose either to be a public man or a private citizen. There are those who gossip or abuse people alternatively like those who use their freedom of expression to tarnish people’s images on social media especially on Facebook.

In contrast, western culture also portrays a system that they use as a technique of producing competent society members. People do not expose weaknesses of their friends or enemies on social media e.g Facebook but rather correct them under cover and in the right manner. This culture is the internetworking culture. White people invented this system to connect people but not to be used as social media for exposing your friend’s weaknesses, a social media for seeking popularity, a social media for sexual immoralities, a social media for creating ethnic and racial problems, a social media for plotting crimes against humanity, a social media for creating bridges among formerly peaceful families, a chance of showing the world your stupidity.  But instead using it as a tool for learning and sharing our community living styles, a social media where peoples from different parts of the world share their different approaches to real life problems like what I narrated concerning my community’s way of bringing up useful beings and Western ones as well. They do share some posts but the steps followed are totally different and that is why it is being said that all ways lead to Rome.

Do not use Facebook or any other medium for a wrong purpose. Let’s not portray a wrong image of our nation to the rest of the world through misuse of social media.  Do not mistake social media for a crime or a pinhead zone.  Some people may find this article as hate speech but that is not what it is intended for. It rather seeks to bring to notice the real problem of social media especially facebook where almost 20 percent of world’s crimes are committed. This article calls for an exemplary life, a life that leaves behind a good and unforgettable legacy. Mistakes and challenges we have faced or committed in this misuse of social media are too colossal for us and thus, we need to change them. The real thing is that if we as individuals are not willing to change where we are, our society will not change even if we truly want it to change. The future of our country either effectual or not up to scratch depends upon us.  Be a peace promoter, a moral value promoter and a promoter of all that nature renders worthiness and usefulness.


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