Shortage of mama kits hit Juba Teaching Hospital

By Sheila Ponnie

Juba Teaching Hospital is facing inadequate mama kits essential in the maternity wards.

A midwife working in the Hospital confirmed yesterday that the facility is lacking mama kits, and that condition in the maternity wards is not favourable.

Mama kit is an all-in one kit that contains everything needed to help provide clean and safe delivery.

The mama kit contains a towel, pair of Gloves, soap, surgical blanches and cord ligature which cuts and ties the umbilical cord respectively.

The midwife who preferred not to be identified said that they have been operating without mama kits since July last year.

She said last week, they received only one box of mama kit from real medicine.

“They provided night boxes and we find out that one box was containing one mama kit and this one box we were using it for two weeks,” she said.

The midwife said a box of mama kit will last for only two weeks depending on the number of the expectant mothers coming to give birth in the hospital.

She said the hospital normally receives four boxes, but sometimes the number reduces to two to one box. She said some of the medical students also use part of the kits for practical.

Due to the lack of mama kits, the mothers come to the hospital with very dirty clothes.

“They come with very dirty cloths. Others come without clothes to receive the babies and even if you see the clothes, they are very dirty and the baby can easily be infected so we are using the mama kits for such kinds of mothers who are coming from remote areas,” she explained.

She said since they do not have enough mama kits,they face a lot of challenges.

The midwife revealed that some mothers who had delivered in foreign countries complain about how the hospital could not have mama kits for expectant mothers.

“Those women who have given birth in East African countries expect to get the mama kits in the hospital because they have delivered in those countries and when they come here they don’t carry their own mama kits because they know that the dignity kits are in the hospital,”she said.

One of the mothers said the mama kits are very important for an expectant woman.

“For my case the mama kit really helped me when I wanted to give birth at night and when I called the midwife on phone, the first question she asked was if I had mama kit. So the mama kit is really important and for that case I even gave birth at home using my own mama kit,” she said.

She urged organisations to help the hospital with mama kits because they are very expensive. Efforts to get comment from the hospital administration were futile by press time.

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