Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

 Consumers are faced with dangerous and sub-standard consumable items which are being sold openly in the markets and business premises. Most of these items are flooding the inlets and entry points while authorities charged with ensuring safety of consumers are doing very little if not nothing. There is a set up department which is supposed to be in charge to monitor and make sure that sub-standard goods or items are not allowed to enter the country. Some of the items are rejects from the country of origin. The greedy traders sell these items to unsuspecting consumers who have no way of knowing if they are consumable or not. The entry points should be manned to save the country from being flooded with items which are not required and which are of risk to consumers and the general public.It is the responsibilities of those charged with monitoring and checking what the public should consume must take into account the health requirements of the people. One can just go to one of the markets in Juba and its environs to understand the actual situation on the ground. Some of these items expired years ago and are re-packed for new destinations and to the unsuspecting consumers. It is one thing to do business and get profit and it is another to gamble with the life of the public. Consumable and household goods or items must be of high quality, recommended by the relevant authorities and brought in the country through proper and acceptable channels. Those involved in shoddy deals which endanger the lives of the public should be penalized according to the laws of the land. There must be a working system that protects the interests of the majority which should be followed to the latter. Because consumers should get the value of their money.

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