Saluting Our Freedom Legends

By Akol Arop Akol


Dear Patriots, open your hearts and accept our salutations, honor and tribute to all the freedom fighters, the alive, wounded and those who have gone for the sake of liberation.

You have paid a prize that finally brought us to a country we had dreamed of, where we would have right to practice our own sovereignty as one people in unity. The wars you fought are harder than other wars fought against colonization and marginalization in the African countries.

With patriotism, you rose to see a new Dawn with a vision of creating a free country where its entire people would be having equality as first class citizenships.

The mysteries you have gone through may not be understood by the young generation that come after the independence but it will be stored and literally transferred in books.

You didn’t fight for tribe; you didn’t fight for a clan but for a free country where your relatives, children and friends will continue to live in peacefully.

This land has taken many lives and every shed blood was to free the marginalized population. Your brave deeds and the spirit of patriotism made you win the victory.

Accept sincere salute dear great men and women of the South. You have spearheaded the historical journey from the North. Finally we are here on the land you fought for.

It is time to remember our suffering and tell those who have turned people back to the bondage that the land wasn’t freely given. It was fought for. History cannot be rewritten. It remains unchangeable no matter how much few people try to divide us socially and politically selling our country out. They must be reminded of the past.

If they didn’t taste the pain they must not turn us back again.

I salute you freedom fighters, men and women including the young people who have gone through hard times abroad in camps and foreign countries to seek peaceful settlement. This is why we include everyone to have fought in a certain way. The politicians, soldiers, church group, traditional leaders, civil societies and organized youth have joined their hands in the struggle that granted self-determination. Our collective role towards our country is the first priority as citizens.

When Independence comes, we have to revise ourselves the day before and after the celebration. We have to question ourselves that are we happy because we got our own country or that we are free from mistreatment.

May be because we are recognized as an independent Nation but secondly we are not free from inequality, Gender Violence, unemployment, division, illiteracy and corruption.

Let be reminded that our aims was to fight this injustices for every child of this land to taste the fruits of peace and harmony having a voice to make a choice.

The young generation should have grown to develop the country unfortunately; some betrayers and non-patriots have disgraced the golden name of our country. Today the world is ranking us the unsecured, undeveloped and unhappy country in the world which is not our full image or definition.

Our description tells that once we were united, strong and caring South Sudanese, who can stand for our rights, help one another and toil hard to survive.

It is you the alive veterans to keep inspiring and motivating your children to follow your good deeds and Patriotism just like you spent many sleepless and restless years in the bush to win the victory despite you were not rewarded financially unlike today we have government that can cater for the nationalists who are building the country.

Money, Materials and power must not motivate them to seek leadership that ends in corruption. A winner has a treasurable name written in the Sky and no one will erase. All the freedom fighters are forever remembered and respected.

Thanks for liberating us and continue without betraying us. There are two legacies; you have secured a place for your children and the whole South Sudanese. I salute you great leaders.

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