S. Sudanese Embassy in Uganda warns citizens against scam

By Martin Mnayiel Wugol

The Embassy of South Sudan in Uganda has warned citizens against a new social media “goods clearance” scam targeting mainly South Sudanese nationals living in Kampala.

At least three South Sudanese women have fallen victims of the scam, according to the statement from Embassy.

In the statement received by the Juba Monitor, South Sudanese embassy technical attaché Brig Gen Majier Abdalla Mabior urged South Sudanese nationals living in Kampala to be cautious about all sorts of people they communicate with via social media.

Brig. General Mabior advised South Sudanese women in particular to be more vigilant when they receive clearance-related scam message on social media.

“The work of South Sudan embassy in Uganda is to ensure equal protection for its citizens and their properties,” he said. “The embassy is also warning its citizens in Uganda to be careful when dealing payment of money,” Brig. General Mabior added.

He said police would not do anything when it comes to money transfer because it is always considered as an agreement between sender and receiver. “The Uganda police would not be in position of helping to recover the lost money,” he said.

Simon Duku Michael, South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda also called on all South Sudanese living in Uganda to be careful on social media when communicating with people they were not familiar with their identifies.

Ambassador Michael said those scammers were professionals and urged the citizens to use their common sense when developing contact with anybody.

“These people are more advance and because of their advancement in networking they are very strong in conning people to extort money from foreigners,” he said.

He said the scammers seem to be of different nationals but he did mention the group mainly targets South Sudanese nationals living in Kampala.

The embassy urged citizens to be cautious if someone calls them claiming that they have received their goods being sent from USA, Canada or Australia because the scammers believe that a large number of South Sudanese live in western countries.

Then scammer will ask for clearance fee and they believe that the women would immediately send them the money without hesitation to respond to their statement.




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