Rise of Akan Grace William to international scene

Akan Grace Williams(file photo)

By Mandela Nelson Denis
South Sudanhas been characterized as the country of black beauty. This beauty when utilized would be one of the greatest tourist attractionsin boosting the country’s non-oil revenue.
On Sunday, Juba Monitor caught up with Akan Grace William, a 24year old black beauty from the town of Malakal, she explained how she got to the international scene.
Akan who isa modeland a lawyer by profession said it was hard work that can get one to the top and achieve the dreams.
“My message goes to all aspiring models to work hard every day and night,” said Akan.
Akan currently works for a Noweriegn company as Marketing Manager, the job she said she got it through hard work.
According to Akan, her rise to model fame started years back at Freedom Hall in Juba. It was in 2014/2015 when she was crowned Miss Grand South Sudan, something she said changed her lifecompletely.
“My breakthrough was when I was crowned Miss Grand South Sudan for 2014/2015. Right from that time I never looked back as I was determined for great things,” Akan said.
Although the passion for modeling was in her, Akan said she did not have that confidence in herself.
“I was a fearfulperson. I used to do things but sometimes I run away. So when the search for Miss Grand South Sudan was launched I said to myself I can do this,” Akan recalled.
She advised young girls who were aspiring to be models not to shy away.
In 2015, Akan represented South Sudan among over 98 countries in the Final Miss Grand in Thailand. She won an Award for person with most beautiful skin something she said motivated her to work harder.
“My first race was not easy but the second was not difficult because I knew I would win due to my experience,” she explained.
In 2018, Akan represented South Sudan at Global super Model in Zambia. While in June the same year she also participated in Miss Heritage Universe where 98 countries fought for one crown.

“I am so proud that a lot of young South Sudanese girls from differenttribes always contact for advice on social media. I often tell them to be determined in order to achieve their goals,” Akan said.

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