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Residents of Hai-Jalaba decry water shortage

A dry tap in one of the residential homes in Hai-Jalaba (Photo: Mandela Nelson Denis)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Some residents of Hai-Jalaba in Juba have decried water shortage that has hit them for close to two weeks.

Hai-Jalaba residents are the minority lucky ones who get tap water supplied by the national urban water corporation. Many residents in Juba’s residential areas rely on water sold by business people.

With the taps dry, Hai-Jalaba residents have been forced to look for other means of accessing water such as buying from the water trucks and fetching from broken pipes within the residential area.

On Sunday morning, women and children in the neighborhood were seen taking water from one of the broken pipes in the area.

Angelo Sam who was using a jar to fetch water from one of the broken pipes told Juba Monitor that the leakage enabled him get enough water for bathing.

“It is only today, but for the last two weeks or beyond that we could see water from broken pipe and I had to take the chance to fill my jerrycan,” Sam said.

Tuna Mercy, a pupil of Juba One Primary School revealed how difficult life has been without water.

“Sometimes I have to go to school without bathing and you know how it feels for a girl to attend classes like that. The little water we have in the drum is for cooking,” Tuna said.

For Poni Christin Simon, there has been no washing since her water tap ran dry.

“All the dirty clothes are packed waiting for water and what I do not understand is some people in Hai-Jalaba have water, we don’t know where the problem is,” she wondered.

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