Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

The rainy season is coming and many potholes curved along the public roads will be a nightmare to users. The main road linking the country with the regional market is among those which will give commuters and users a dreaded journey. The issue of Juba- Nimule road is not new in the public domain. It has been said and repeated several times. It is because of depending on this in and outlet that the public should be heard. Somewhere there are people charged with maintenance and repairs of road network in the country.One needs to drive just up to Nesitu to understand the plight of the public who have been drumming and expressing their need to have at least if not all some sections which have become worse patched up to be tarmacked all together. This road is the major source of the non-oil revenue which is becoming a reality for the good of the country. There should be consideration to give it the attention it deserves. The road should be prioritized and be repaired before the coming rainy season. Although the government departments work collectively, there are specific dockets which handle road network or simply construction, maintenance including repairs. They cannot pass their responsibilities to any other person and cannot wait for the appointing authority to order them to do their work. They should be helping the latter by providing the citizens with efficient and proper service delivery within their docket. Not the other way round. The most neglected part which is right in the city, Juba, is the section near the main bridge commonly known as Kubri. What happened at one point the area was closed for repairs but it ended up with nothing being done. Someone is answerable to the public and must come out to explain to the public why this happened. This is the lifeline link to the regional market. With the rainy season at the door, it will be more impossible for adequate service delivery.



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