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Students of Lower Madi Rhino camp refugees settlement (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry)

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese refugee students in Uganda have complained over hardships in the camps.

Ejidio Lokosancy, a senior three student complained of hardship in Rhino camp.

Eljidio fled from Yei River state on 09th September 2016 but said since then, he has not established the whereabouts of his parents.

“It is only God’s mercy that makes me live to study in the camp,” he said.

He said school fees and feeding were his major challenges in the camp.

“I often sell my food ratio to pay the school fees and meet other costs of living,” Ejidio said.

He added that during holidays, he sells petrol along the streets and carry out boda boda work to raise money to support himself.

“I will go back to my country after I have completed my University,” Eljidio said.

He urged South Sudan’s leaders to bring to an end the long suffering of their citizens.

Kwaje Peter, a senior four student in Rhino camp High School said despite having a mother, she was unable to pay his school fees.

He said water crisis, food delays and poor roads were major challenges facing them in the camp.

Kwaje said there is no secondary school in Tika camp where they had been relocated.

“We are forced to travel long distance in order to attend classes. We normally sell our food ratio to raise money for school fees and other requirements,” he added.

Kwaje said he would return to South Sudan after acquiring education to support himself.

“My brothers and sisters who are studying in the camps, you should not give up in your studies,” he encouraged other South Sudanese refugees.

He said the education system in Uganda was better compared to the one in South Sudan.

Sunday Rose, one of the female students said majority of them were experiencing difficulties.

“As a result, most girls have dropped out of school to look for men who can provide them with needs,” she said.

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