A foot for thought


By Anna Nimiriano

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has said his government has allocated some 10 acres of land in Naivasha to South Sudan.

The announcement was made when South Sudan President Salva Kiir toured Kenya on a two-day state visit.

The allocation came as result of good bilateral relations between the two countries.

However, President Salva Kiir Mayardit was welcomed by South Sudanese who are living in Nairobi.

They were dancing and holding pieces of papers written messages of peace same read, “sustainable peace and dialogue.”

It was strong message to President Kiir his people need sustainable peace back in their country.

If there is sustainable peace, there would be no conflict and insecurity in the country.

South Sudanese who are living in the neighbouring countries are willing to come back home but they need sustainable peace in the country.

They like their country and are ready to come home voluntary. The other message they wrote was about ‘dialogue.

It means if there is any misunderstanding among people, they should resolve them through dialogue. Conflict cannot help us to develop; it destructs the country from achieving peace.

We still need to do a lot in this country to bring sustainable peace. The land given to South Sudan by President Kenyatta will serve as an inland container depot for South Sudan destined consignments.

This land should strictly serve the intended purpose and not anything different.

Anything given in the name of South Sudan is for the country not individual. If the land is for the dry port to facilitate trade between the two countries, let it serve that purpose.

President Kiir has to make sure that the land is handed over to the government and to be developed.

I know there is a financial crisis in the country, but the government has to prioritize its developmental projects so that certain projects are achieved within the scheduled time.

This cannot happen if we are not united and have the spirit of development to attract more South Sudanese back home.

Messages of peace are one of the priorities to the people of South Sudan.

The meeting between President Kiir and host President Kenyatta in Nairobi was for bilateral relations aimed at creating opportunities for foreign trade between the two countries.

It is important to have good relations with neighbouring countries. In any situation they would help and protect citizens.

That could come through respect of laws in the country. Foreigners should respect laws of their host countries to cultivate healthy relations.

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