Pregnant rural women at high risk of Fistula, says Doctor

By Kitab A Unango

Women in rural areas with inadequate access to antenatal services are at high risk of obstetric fistula, the chief medical doctor at Lutheran Community Clinic has said.

Dr. John Sebit Madit, said fistula has become a big threat to vulnerable women of producing age living in extreme villages of South Sudan.

“Fistula is a threat in poor, underdeveloped areas that do not have access to medical care,” Sebit told Juba Monitor in an interview yesterday.

The disease is very common in villages of South Sudan. Pregnant women in areas where there are no proper health care services are at high risk,” Sebit said.

Fistula is an abnormal connection between an organ and another structure most commonly rectum and vagina, intestine and skin, intestine and bladder

The disease normally affects women who experienced prolonged labour during delivery and especially young ladies who get early pregnancy.

Sebit pointed out that Lutheran Community Clinic, located at Gudele Hai Referendum in Juba, carried out 17 successful operations on Fistula patients last year.

He added that two thirds of the patients were from rural areas.

Sebit again said specialized doctors will arrive from Untied States on March 23 for free consultation and treatment of Fistula patients at Lutheran Community Clinic starting on March 30th.

He urged pregnant women to seek animated services to prevent the condition.

“Home delivery is very dangerous to young women and mothers. They should not attempt to deliver at home. They should seek delivery at the health care facilities,”Sebit urged women.

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