Poachers invade Southern national park

Director of Wildlife Service in Western Lakes State Col Karlo Kamic

Mariano (photo credit: MaborRiak)

By Mabor Riak

Wildlife authorities in Western Lakes State said a group of armed poachers from Western Equatoria have crossed into southern national park.

Col. Karlo Kamic Mariano, the Director of Wildlife Service in Western Lakes State said the poachers were seen following the Sue River east of the Southern national park.

“We have received a report from our inspectors at the Southern national park about a group of hunters from western Equatoria states who are right now killing animals in the area,” he said.

Col. Mariano said those hunters previously used to poach in the forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo but the outbreak of the Ebola in the area has forced them to move to Southern national park.

“We are trying to pursue them but logistic and enough forces are our major challenges,” Col. Mariano said.

The Director warned that anybody found trading in wildlife species or poaching shall be prosecuted in the court of law and face charges of not less than three years imprisonment.

“Those wild animals do not belong to any individual but the country which contributes highly to the development of our country unlike the oil which is non-renewal resource,” Col. Mariano.

He said the protection of the wildlife was the responsibility of every citizen.

Col. Mariano continued saying that Wildlife Service Authority was bound with the responsibility to arrest and investigate the culprit who killed animal and send him to court.

“Last month the wild life authority arrested some local people with four bags of bush meat and they were fined and should compensate the animals and their guns were also confiscated,” he explained.

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