Countdown to November 12th
By Nana Alfred Taban
The people of South Sudan and the International Partners expect the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity by November 12th.
The need for peace is greater than it has been for a long time but now, challenges are still facing the implementation of the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement which was designed to solve outstanding key issues before Dr. Riek Machar joins the government.
A six-month extension to the deadline of the pre-transitional period was given due to the lack of implementation efforts on outstanding issues coupled with security arrangements and the number of states and boundaries which remained unsettled which many opposition leaders not taking part in the peace process, which begs the question, what is going on?
Negligence in the peace implementation process increases the risk of repeated fighting, and keeps opposition groups out of the agreement.
We have seen so little of the progress made to ensure the success of this revitalized peace deal. A lot of time has been wasted on absolutely nothing. The people of South Sudan are not ready for another failed peace agreement. The signatory parties must commit themselves to ensure that the people of South Sudan get the peace and stability that they have been longing for.
We witnessed the recent face-to-face meeting between the two main principals in Juba last month but we have also heard remarks made by President Salva Kiir that he will form the new national government with or without Riek Machar. And now doubts clearly remain on whether the new government that will be formed by 12th November will be inclusive of all the signatories.
Although there is a lot of pressure from all the international partners, reluctance from the signatory parties continue to grow. It is high time that they speed up the process of the implementation of all the provisions and strive to meet the deadline of the Pre-transitional Government formation.
Lack of motion and efforts to fully implement the Revitalized Peace Agreement could threaten the successful formation of the transitional government of national unity.
It is high time that our leaders show the people of South Sudan that they matter. Failure to meet the deadline of November 12, will clearly indicate that peace and stability was never a priority to the parties.

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