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Participants in a group photo (Photo: Silvano Yokwe)

By Nema Juma

A ten-day training on Conflict Management, Peace Building, Transformational leadership and  Sexual Gender Based Violence kicked off yesterday in Juba.

At least 45 members of the Peace Committee from Lobonok, Ladu, and Mangala counties of Jubek state are attending the training implemented by the National Transformational Leadership Institute at University of Juba under Peace and Community Cohesion project of the United Nations Development Programme.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Betty Oboy the peace commissioner emphasized that peace is everybody’s responsibility requiring equal participation from the grassroots up to the national level.

“Peace is not in Addis Ababa or Arusha or Kenya or will not be done by President Salva Kiir and Dr.Riek Machar, it’s here within us the community,” Oboy said.

On his part, Jubek state Minister for Local Governance, Law Enforcement Agency, and Parliamentary Affairs Alfred Keri Yokwe said that peace will not come from heaven; it will come from the community.

“Mistakes come among the youth, boarder issues and tribalism but let’s sit dawn and understand our selves. We are all one, we are all brothers and sisters,” he lamented.

He urged men to stop using their energy to overpower women in the communities.

“You must respect those ladies in your communities. They are your sisters, your mother was like her, don’t use violence to intimidate a woman,” Yokwe said.

He further stated that without women, a country cannot be built because they are teachers, “we men need to change our mindset among ourselves.”

Chief Thomas Jude Jada of Mangala County said that there is still insecurity in his county, saying he has failed to understand whether “those people are from the bush or from the government.”

“There are some people who come on foot from Mangala up to Juba to look for what to eat but those people take away what they have,” Chief Jada said.

He added there were some cattle brought from Bor to his county that ended up eating farmer’s crops.

“I call upon the government to solve these issues because we want peace among ourselves, we are tired of conflict,” he concluded.

The training is aimed at strengthening peace structures for peaceful coexistence, and ensuring participants understand the various instruments related to women, peace and security, protection of women and girls and SGBV.

They are also expected to form networks for information and experience sharing for future engagement in conflict prevention and reporting, dialogue and reconciliation processes.

Participants in a group photo (Photo: Silvano Yokwe)

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