Over 150 people trained on Ebola prevention

By Wek Atak Kacjang

More than 150 people in Lol State have been trained by Alima Organization on Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease, Lol State information minister confirmed.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from Lol State capital Raja yesterday, Michael Mathok Wal Lol said those trained were combined with neighboring nomadic Ham-Buoro cattle keepers from Sudan.

The training was for two days on how to prevent Ebola. It was the second training in the state.

“We learnt many things through Alima organization. The best way to avoid Ebola is to stay away from areas where the virus is common and not to be in contact with wild animals like bats and monkeys,” he said.

The training is part of the preventive measures being taken by the government of South Sudan and non-governmental organizations against the ongoing Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mathok revealed that communication can save lives and can influence social behavior in empowering action and fostering change in communities.

According to the state minister, local community chiefs were amongst those trained.

Last year the Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO and other health partners established more than five Ebola screening centers in and at the border entry points following the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in neighboring DRC.

The screening centers include Juba International Airport, Nimule, Kaya and Yei as well as Yambio. Apart from managing and controlling infectious disease such as Ebola, the center will be used for training skilled personnel in case management and other aspects of health emergences.

This came as a result of Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo that has put South Sudan one of the most risk countries including Uganda, Rwanda and Central Africa Republic.

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