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By Kidega Livingstone

Officials of Other Political Parties have distanced themselves from the peace rallies being conducted by the Umbrella of Political Parties meant to disseminate peace messages to citizens.

They claimed that on Monday, it was reported that Other Political Parties kicked off nationwide dissemination of peace agreement under the Umbrella of Political Parties led by Peter Mayen Majongdit.

On Saturday the umbrella of political parties headed by Peter Mayen started peace dissemination in Hai Referendum in Juba and opted to move countrywide with peace dissemination in order to reach all the citizens.

“There is no any single party that was mandated by the Other Political Parties (OPP) to go and disseminate peace agreement on behalf of the OPP but if individual party can do it on their own behalf there is no problem,” said Mr. Albino Akol Atak, spokesperson of Other Political Parties.

“We as Other Political Parties have not yet set to go and disseminate peace agreement and mandated some of us to go for dissemination of peace agreement,” he added.

Akol who doubles as Secretary General of the African National Congress (ANC) said, “We are waiting for the plan that was launched by NPTC for harmonious and joint mechanism for dissemination of peace agreement.”

He said if the go ahead comes from the NPTC, they will joint in dissemination of the peace agreement.

According to Akol, Umbrella is not the fifth signatory to the Revitalized Peace Agreement but it is the Other Political Parties which is the fifth signatory to the agreement.

He said Umbrella is one of the six parties that signed under the OPP because there are many political parties registered and others not registered.

The OPP includes the National Alliance of Political Party (NAPP) United Sudan African Party (USAP), United Democratic Party (UDP), African National  Congress(ANC), and Umbrella.

He also said the OPP does not have a title as President of the Party, but it only has a Coordinator in each party.

“We have no such a title in Other Political Parties but what we have is somebody to coordinate the activities of the members of other political parties with the mechanism of the implementation of the agreement. It is somebody who is connecting the other political parties with the mechanism and they are called focal persons,” Akol explained.

Peter Mayen is the representative of the Other Political Parties in the National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC).


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