Editorial 8th November 2018

It has to be appreciated that the Chinese Medical team have been doing a tremendous work at the Juba Teaching Hospital. For what most people have witnessed, they have excelled and should be appreciated for that because they are efficient and charge less if any, which has not been the case ever heard of. Medical services is one of the components of the development requirements that cannot be down-played anywhere and as a country, it is to be given first priority for the well-being of the people. Like China, some other friendly countries including India have come out to give proposals and intentions how they would want to chip in, in the health, agricultural, industrial and macro based sectors to boost the economy. These friendly countries should be encouraged and given a chance to help revamp the economy. Because of the situation in the country, there is an urgent need to address a number of these outstanding issues. However, what should not be encouraged is giving or providing with string attached or unbearable conditions, which have been witnessed too far coming from some Western countries. It is not proper and acceptable to treat others like beggars if one is a true friend. For this country is starting a new phase of life after five years long instability, there should be enough reasons to have a comfort landing zone to achieve the much needed developments. However, history, has taught many that for a long time some ends wanted to treat others like their own dolls. This should not be the case where sovereignty is concerned. There must be a well planned and managed system to be-friend a foreign country not as a boss but as a partner in development. This should be what countries partnering for the good of the people of this country should do.

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