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NGOs Root for Good Leadership

By Kidega Livingstone

The Ministry Program Manager of Samaritan Purse Alex Njukia has said better leadership and governance skills enable citizens to have better services.

Njukia said doing the right thing to transform the lives of citizens and better services delivery comes as a result of good leadership and governance.

“When the leaders get better the people get better. They should know what they are doing as leaders. They should look at the issue of accountability as well as promoting peace. They should also know how they can find out corruption in their Institution,” he said.

He made the remarks during training for councilors at Juba City Council Legislative Assembly on leadership and governances.

Njukia said the three-day training would give better knowledge and skills to the councilors to improve on their work.

“Samaritan Purse is using leadership principle program targeting leaders because everything right fall on leadership .Juba being the capital city and the gateway to the country. There is need to build capacity of the councilors to delivers better services to the people and to help the rest of the country,” NJukia said.

“It is an ongoing initiative in most parts of the country and if God allows we shall continue doing it. We are going to be in partnership with different leaders at the State level,” he added.

Peter Loro Paulino, Chairperson of Juba City Council Legislative Assembly welcomed the initiative.

He said they expect good relationship and good governance after the training as the councilors were still new.

“After the training they will be able to know what is leadership and governance. They have been sent from their respective areas and they did not know what supposed to be done. Through this training they are going to know how to help their communities,” said Loro.


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