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New Cabinet takes oath in Southern Liech

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The newly appointed cabinet of Southern Liech State has been sworn in on Saturday, the state information minister said.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone from South Liech capital Leer yesterday, State Information Minister Nyuon Joseph said last month that the State Governor Stephen Thiey Yar dissolved the government and reappointed officials.

“The new changes aim at assigning the right people in the right place for service delivery in the State,” Nyuon said.

The changes made by the State Governor are suitable and meant to serve the communities with the much needed services within the shortest time possible,” he added.

He added that as the state executive, they were proud of the continued cooperation, unity and collective engagement in working for peace.

“We ask our communities to continue with the same spirit of love, unity and hard work so that we can build our nation,” Nyuon said.

Amongst those sworn in were the information minister and nine county commissioners.

“I embrace the members of our communities especially chiefs, elders, women and youth for accepting us to work with them in their respective counties. We assure you of our pledge, purpose and effort to do what is possible to deliver services to our communities,” Nyuon added.

He added that the new officials will give priority to returnees, as well as disseminating the peace agreement.

Meanwhile deputy governor Franco Doth appreciated the state governor for appointing a female as the State Minister of Finance.

He said that women in the state have more opportunities to hold key positions because of the 35 percent share reserved for them by the peace agreement.


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