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With Odongo Odoyo

I was and still am all ears in Vatican the Pope’s home. It came to be that what President Salva Kiir had promised the country will remain a test of time.  He vowed that whatever it takes, the country will not again go to war. No more conflict and this was an honest man assuring his people that this time around peace must be restored for the good of the country.  Yes peace is needed in all sector of socio-economic development. It cannot be over emphasized how this peace should be restored. It should be the work of everyone to ensure they live in a peaceful environment. A friend came to see me in the office and we had along chat on issues of humanity. His take on some foreign powers that were pretending to support peace during the day and doing the opposite at night was of major concern. There must be peace to enable our people to develop. Someone who cares for you will give you a hook not fish every day. It is not bad to be given fish but one should be taught how to catch fish in the water. Peace has been the concern of the country and at the moment there are all indications of it being here permanently. It is heartening to know that even the leaders are serious this time a around. When the delegation of the leadership left for Rome for retreat prayers, it became obvious and clear that they meant their promises. As the Pope had accepted and invited Anglican primate to Vatican to join him in praying for everlasting peace for the people and the country.  It is the hope of all to participate in the restoration.  Ambassador John Andruga Duku who is currently in the country before departing for his work station in Beijing, China looked a happy man when we met and revisited the on-going peace deal. His take is that peace must live with us because our leaders, particularly, President Kiir had committed himself to ensure the cause and direction that the process should take. Although it has not been easy to reach there, the will and determination had positive result and what remained was the collective work of all. This is the only road to follow and the only song to sing. Ambassador, my friend had so much to positively talk about China and the relationship with the country. He had much to talk because the good programs undertaken by the Chinese people were being seen open. This is the road other friendly countries should follow in helping our country to restore peace. Surely without peace there could be no development and without peace no investor would think of investing in the country. Peace has to be restored and people must go about their businesses in that atmosphere. For our leaders who are currently in Vatican, let the meeting bring peace to the people and the country. This is our prayer.

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