Mourning parents blame Don Bosco School over fire

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Parents of the three school girls who died last week on fire incident have blamed the administration of Silesians’ Don Bosco School in Tonj State for not protecting their children.

The three girls died on a fire incident that started when they were asleep in their school dormitory. The cause of the fire remains unclear.

In an interview on phone from Tonj State yesterday, acting Minister of Information, Deng Madut Deng said the committee has been formed to investigate the incident and it came back from the site after the fact findings.

He said the committee has recommended for compensation of girls according to Wathalel Customer Law.

“Wathalel customary law says for the loss of one person, the culprit must pay 31 cows to the families of the late,” he said.

Madut said the committee agreed that the government will compensate two girls by giving out cows while Don Bosco administration will compensate one girl.

“Both the government and missionary agreed to pay compensation to the families of the deceased,” Madut said.

He added that the State government told families of the deceased that missionaries play important role in the community.

“We cannot blame them because they are not the one who caused the fire. Their mission is to educate all students with a focus of ensuring that girls have equal access to education,” Madut added.

Don Bosco is operating as primary and secondary schools, as well as medical clinics in some parts of the country.

Minster Madut told Juba Monitor that the administration of Silesians’ Don Bosco apologised to the families of the deceased who died on the fire incident.

Madut revealed that the incident was the first in the State since it was created in 2015.




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