Malong and Cirilo should come home

By Anna Nimiriano
There was information going on that Paul Malong and Thomas Cirilo are going to have meeting in Khartoum on the matter of formation of the transitional government in November, 12th this year. The suggestion is welcomed for the reason that we need them to come home for the peace implementation. What had happened between them with government should be resolved in amicable manner through dialogue.
They have been with government, participated a lot during those years. What is not clear is that when are they going to hold the meeting in Khartoum. It would be good if the meeting is conducted before 12 of November. I am sure the talks are going to be positive in both sides. They would forgive each other and reconcile with one another. All members of the government and opposition are to forgive themselves. They cannot start working together if they didn’t apologize to one another and to the people of South Sudan in general.
The suffering of the people of South Sudan due to the conflict erupted in the country. On the other hand citizens should welcome them and forgive them for what had happened during those periods of conflicts. If we need sustainable peace, we should allow our brothers and sisters in the bush to come home. That is going to improve security in the country. There would be no cases of ambushes and killings in the states. There would be no fear of people’s movement from one state to another. What caused the above mentioned was the group of people who are still in the bush causing insecurity. They make mobility of people difficult in the country, people from the rural areas fear to come to city because of insecurity matter. Famers are not cultivating due to insecurity. Sometimes back famers’ products were taken by unknown gunmen in the bush, since that time it was difficult for them to cultivate as expected. However, it was not easy for citizens to distinguish between government and Opposition soldiers in their ambush.
If there are no rebels in the bush, it would be easy to know who the enemy in the country is. Nevertheless, we can develop if we are united and understand each other. This will happen if we silence guns and concentrate on development of the country. The coming of Malong and Cirilo home will save a lot of good things in the country. There would be no more accusation from the government and the mediators for peace.
May God bless us all.

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