Let us bepatriotic

By Akol Arop Akol

Every time I hear people saying “walai Junub De, walai Junub in” and I become surprised because the same South Sudanese are the ones saying these slogans. I find people talking badly that life is complicated, people are hostile and that they like fighting.

I wonder why some individuals have taken advantage of the country by defaming the name. What do those unpatriotic people gain from spoiling the image? People talk like if given chance today they would perfectly lead people and build the country.

As actions speak louder than words, talking anyhow, blaming others especially the leaders will not bring any progressive change. Citizens should not always complain and blame their leaders instead they have to stand with them in their good leadership. As a citizen, you have a right to speak out, but that doesn’t mean touching every part of negativity.

There are things you are entitled to and other issues are to be addressed by people in charge. If you are patriotic, it means you love the people and the country in general. Hating people (leaders) and loving the country means incomplete patriotism. You cannot love your farm and hate the crops. South Sudanese are like crops that need to be well-kept then they would produce other generation.

Individuals who have complaints towards the country should not discourage others by criticizing the country or the leaders, the coming up leaders get discouraged. There are young people actively coming up to serve their country.

They need to be supported by all means to strengthen them socially and politically. The concept of saying “leaders of tomorrow make them hesitate that they are not ready currently and that there is a specific time to join politics.

Indeed it is not everything that needs politics but every service needs leadership. Therefore, giving responsibility to youth does not approve that they are politicians at young age. My question is if they are not trained early where will they learn from?

They cannot maintain respect and love for their country as they are ill-talkers against the progress of this country. Why is it easier to live on words than putting in practice? South Sudan is for all of us and anyone willing to do something is free to do. As a citizen, there is already a citizenship rights to benefit from the resources and leadership services as well as contributing to the development. In whatever profession you are accountable to, raise the dignity and prosperity of your country.

Though things may go wrong and life may become hard, let us not betray ourselves. We have to show to the world that we are people like any other human beings. Being the young nation that has gone through conflicts and left in economic crisis, we have to remain strong socially and politically.

As we unite and cooperatively work hard, the future of the coming generation will be bright. One day, our country will be listed among the peaceful and developed countries in Africa and soon at global level.




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