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With Odongo Odoyo

It should be appreciated that some reasoning should take the centre stage in the understanding between the order given by the Interior Minister and the public. The order is that all tinted cars windows are banned. The government has all the right to give order for the safety of the common-man and security of the country. What however, is not clear is how to remove factory made tinted windows from these vehicles. Are they going to be parked or one would be forced to order for new windows from factories. There should be a consensus between the parties involved and some understanding reached. The man in charge of information who is an MP in the national parliament has suggested that the banning on tinted be put to hold for further discussion. This is Paul Yoanne Bonju is requesting  Like Bonju there are many others who are putting such requests, reasoning that some of these cars were imported and came through the border points after paying the necessary taxes  and being allowed by the authorities. Some are arguing that the order should be directed to the new imports. Where there are table discussions, there is always a solution to any issue. Dialogue and understanding of issues should be the guiding factors in everyday life. True some of the owners of tinted vehicles are caught between the webs. They might have genuinely imported their vehicles not knowing the impending order. Two wrongs do not make a right. What is needed right now is dialogue and understanding of the matter with a possible solution at hand for the benefit of the concerned parties and for the benefit of the country. True some people have misused their tinted vehicles against the well- being of some members of the society. These are people who should be brought to book within the laws of the land. They have tainted the image and must be held accountable. There is no country which can accept the abuse of its laws. Those behind the breaking of the law should not escape the hawk eye dragnet. It is sad that they have made other innocent people suffer because of their doing. Another thing which the authority should look at is the harassment being applied by some of the officers charged with carrying out the exercise. There is no way one can remove factory made tinted windows unless it is broken or a new one bought. Some of these officers need to be human being when handling their fellow mates. They should not be like the other person who is already found guilty. It could even be better to listen to someone’s explanation and if must tell the person what he should exactly do instead of un-called for harassment. The society need security organs just like the security need them. The government is encouraging community policing as one means of bringing a friendly atmosphere between the police and members of the public. This is the way things should be handled not the other way.

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