News that Kenya and South Sudan are pursuing a deal that would see us import electricity in exchange of gas is good and timely. President Salva Kiir’s this week’s visit to Olkaria Geothermal Plant in Naivasha, Kenya convinced his delegation that the two countries have the potential to exchange resources at their disposal and in the interest of their people. South Sudan is in dire need of electricity and so Kenya’s offer is well intended. The country currently relies on unstable and inconsistent generator-powered electricity despite its huge thirst for energy supply. Kenya’s Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter confirmed that works are undergoing to construct transmission lines to Lodwar, which neighbours South Sudan. He said Kenya is keen to use the transmission lines to supply electricity South Sudan, which is currently undertaking various infrastructural and development projects. Stable power supply is key to a country’s economic growth and informs its industrialization prospects. A country can only tap into foreign investments if there is conducive environment to do business. The on-going efforts to connect Juba to a much more stable power lines will boost investor confidence and boost South Sudan’s economic growth. More still, more jobs will be available for the many jobless youths because we will be boasting of locally produced goods and products. Furthermore power supply enhances security of the public, more especially if streets are well lit. Security of a country is key to its investment growth and so power supply is crucial to this country. There is need to fast track the power supply project to ensure it doesn’t become a white elephant. Remember the power supply will spur economic growth along the sate light towns to be established along the common borders and between Juba and Lodwar. Once again, it is important to remember that power supply is a significant component in any economy’s growth.

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