A group photo of Kasire Cultural Group popularly known as “Kwelen Na Bari” during the Wedding Ceremony of Gore Anthony, SSBC journalist in Kator, Juba. [Photo by David Tombe]

By Loro Louis Yugu

Most of the cultural groups in Jubek State are poorly supported in terms of finance and traditional attires. A number of them depend on individual well-wishers who understand the importance of culture in a given society.

In Jubek state, it is heartbreaking that most of these groups are even unable to hire a mere taxi to an activity centre.

Others even don’t have the simple traditional drums to practice their cultural dances. This is really a nightmare. What I don’t understand is the role of the Jubek State Ministry of Youth and Culture. What is this ministry doing? Is the ministry having any plan to promote the various cultures in the state? If not then we are gearing towards a state without exciting traditional dances. And any state without cultural activities is not beautiful.

Jubek state as a multi-ethnic state needs the leadership to unite all the communities to embrace peace as they coexist. For the saying that “united we stand, divided we fall” should be taken with positive heart. This is the only way to call Jubek state a state that is honored by all the distinct ethnic groups.

Cultural activities are essential tools for peaceful coexistence within diverse communities. I will be grateful to dance together with the other tribes of the Jubek state. The state comprises of tribes such as the Bari, Nyangwara, Pojulu, Lokoya, Lulubo etc.

In these regard, I recommend a “Cultural Week” every year in the state where all the ethnic groups can get together to practice their traditional dances, literature and art. That means the state should be supportive by mobilising financial support for the various cultural groups.

As Jubek Day approaches, many cultural groups are left in dilemma on how to go about with the activities. A number of chairpersons are doubting on how they will get onto the venue due to the high cost of transport that the groups are unable to afford. For that matter, the leadership of Jubek State should think twice and raise up the over thirty cultural groups financially.

Hence, we must value our cultures if we want to live in a vibrant society. Culture is a bond that ties our communities together.

Our common customs and traditions that we follow, especially during festivals are unique characteristics of our societies. We enjoy the kind of clothing we wear, the food we eat, and prominently, the cultural tenets that we obey muddle us together.

Whoever is against cultural practices is against the cultural values of a certain community. Culture helps develop a sense of togetherness and a feeling of unity in the minds of the people of that particular culture.

God bless all the cultural groups in Jubek State for their efforts in promoting culture and heritage.

The author enjoys the beauty of culture in a multi-ethnic society. He can be reached via email: lorolojokudu@gmail.com or mobile: 0927268953

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