Jonglei state former minister turns to agriculture

Mr. Thon Simon Thok, Former Jonglei state Minister of Labour and Public

Service tests one of his tractors upon arrival from Khartoum

(Photo: PNIC Agriculture Company, Renk).


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The former Jonglei state Minister of Labour has embarked on agriculture to contribute to the fight against hunger in the country.

Thon Simon Thok said he has bought three tractors from Khartoum to prepare his farm in Renk ahead of the rainy season.

Mr. Thon Simon Thok was fired last year by Jonglei state governor Philip Aguer after he revealed ghost names in the government pay sheets.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday after procuring three tractors for his company dubbed as PNIC Agriculture Company that has a farm in Renk. Thok said the country was engulfed with food insecurity and it was vital for him to join the fight against hunger.

“It is better as young people to improve the livelihood of our people through private sectors such as agriculture instead of everybody focusing on government jobs,” Mr. Thok said.

According to Thok, most countries around the world have developed through agricultural investment.

He stressed that if citizens would revisit Dr. John Garang’s vision of investing in agriculture then everyone could understand the imperative of the sector.

“We have a fertile soil, water, cattle, minerals and gold but we must use them. We have to invest in the private sectors. This is what motivated me after I was sacked from the State Ministry of Labour,” he explained.

Mr. Thok said that for those who might be questioning of where he got money for buying those tractors, they should know that he was an old time agriculturalist.

“I was a farmer before my appointment as a Minister of Labour and Public Service. We have a big farm in Northern Upper Nile, Renk since 2006 with my family members,” he revealed.

He called on his colleagues who have similar experience not to contribute for the development of the country.

“If you are sacked from public office you should get angry. Government cannot accommodate all of us due to limited vacancies. Now I am trying to help young people,” he stated.

Mr. Thok encouraged the indigenous to work hard in order to fight hunger in the Country.

“If you cannot fight hunger you can never develop any sector. As we are approaching rainy season it is our duty to cultivate in our own food,” he said.

Mr. Thok appreciated the Governor of Central Bank, National Ministry of Finance and Agricultural Banks of South Sudan for supporting him to achieve the long awaited tractors.

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