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Jonglei Labour Minister Resigns

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Jonglei state minister for Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development has resigned from his position over what he described as “healthy and civilized decision” to tackle his family issues in Juba.

James Yen Alier commonly known as Akech Yen had served in state’s ministry of Finance and Physical Infrastructures as a minister before he was appointed to labour in October last year.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor on Saturday, Yen pointed out that he had left his state duties and responsibilities in order to address his own family challenges.

“My resignation is a healthy and civilized phenomenon that should not be taken wrongly. Someone can resign today and go back to the government tomorrow. There is nothing bad with the resignation,” Mr. Yen added.

“I walked out because I have lots of family responsibilities that require me to be in Juba. As my duty require to be in Bor always, I opted to resign,” he said

According to him, it was high time for other people to continue with nation building though he wasn’t going to be part of the state government.

“We should appreciate whatever thing I have done as my contribution. I believe somebody will continue from where I stopped, this is what we call nation building,” the former minister stated.

Mr. Yen affirmed that though his letter of approval was not extended to him by the governor, he said that he has ceased all his duties onwards.

“I presented my resignation to the current governor but he told me to “feel free” as he decides over it whenever he thinks, so I decided to feel free,” he said.

Mr. Yen elaborated that since he was appointed, he has accomplished and executed lots of fundamental programs in the state that has contributed to the progress in the Ministry.

“There was no promotion when I came to the Ministry, the deceased families and blinds were occupying grades. So I ensured that pensions were paid and the promotion was taken a first priority,” he said.

“I have also initiated training programs because there was vacuum existing within the ministry’s officials. Most of them were trained and others will be trained soon by other UNDP and other partners as part of my initiative,” he said.

Mr. Yen stated that he would turn to the business sector since he was a former business man in Juba town.

“Before I become a minister, I was a business person. I used to work at the bank. So I remain as a business person and I will go back to the market to sustain my family,” he said.

According to him, his resignation shouldn’t be taken political since he has early opted to resign for his personal issues.

“I want to tell people that resignation is a healthy and civilized habit that should be taken that way by anybody who hears it. Someone can resign whenever you think that you will not be able to contribute effectively,” he said.

Yen said that even though he is appointed again, he would not manage to take up any duty until further notice.

Mr. Jacob Kuot Ajok, the state minister of Finance has been left acting in the ministry



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