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Jonglei family appeals to Boma authorities over abducted son

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The parents of the abducted child who was handed over to the rightful parents on Friday in Bor town have encouraged the Boma State authorities for the help.

A 19-year-old, Chol Malony Gai was handed over to Governor Maker Thiong Maal in Juba last month by Governor David Yau Yau after he was rescued in Boma State three weeks ago.

He was abducted in 2008 at Malual area of Bor South at the age of eight with his younger brother Deng Malony Gai who is yet to be rescued.

During the coming of the new Governor to Bor, David Yau Yau, the Governor of Boma State handed over the child to Governor Maker Thiong Maal for unification with his parents.

Upon arrival in Bor, the child recognized his parents

Speaking to the press on Friday after the reunification ceremony, the mother of the rescued child, Akuot Gai Nhial appreciated the Boma State Government for their achievement.

She appealed to the Yau Yau’s administration to help rescue her missing child.

“I thank God for bringing my child since he was abducted. I though he was dead. However, I hope the other child who is remaining is safe and will come in the name of God. I appreciate all the leaders for the great God work,” Nhial said

The boy’s uncle John Gai said they were impressed by the surprised return of their son.

“We are happy. This is a great day for us. This child was abducted some years back, but since he is back, we welcome the initiative and we still ask the authorities to bring back the remaining child,” she elaborated

Jonglei State Governor  Maker Thiong Maal lauded Governor Yau Yau for working toward restoration of peace between the two sisterly states.

He said his administration leadership would still support David Yau Yau to create awareness on human rights in both states.

“This is a great work; I hope that our President should have to still support Yau to look for more children. We know that he is actually working hard to change the attitude of abduction,” he said

“So I urged him to continue with what he is doing. Every South Sudanese who is a peace loving person is happy with your work,” the newly governor added

Maker emphasized that there was a need for all the communities of the nation to be peaceful without grievances

Jonglei state information Minster Atong Kuol Manyang stated that the move was an indication that the existing relation would continue prevailing within Greater Jonglei states.

“It means that we are still on the right path. The relationship which was there is still there irrespective of the change of the leadership, we expect to continue in cooperation,” she concluded.



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