Jonglei, Boma States youth sign peace agreement

By Kidega Livingstone

Youth Intellectuals from Jonglei and Boma State have yesterday singed a youth led peace dialogue resolution to end cattle raiding, child abduction and hatred among the two communities.

Murle and Dinka Bor youth came together with support from Christian Agency for Peace and Development to open up dialogue and reflect on the issues affecting their communities.

Speaking after the singing of the document, the youth leader representing greater Bor in Jonglei Mr Juma Arok said that the singing of the document has brought together youth from the former greater Jonglei to come up and address the matter affecting the region.

“The document is going to be implemented because youth are the stakeholders in this process and they will ensure the document is implemented. It is a matter of rescuing lives and property of our people. We don’t want such things to happen again to our people,” said Juma.

He emphasized that issues like killing and cattle raiding will be ended and the communities will be in peace.

“We hope there will be peace and we are appealing to the national and state governments to get ready and make sure services are delivered to our people in order to develop the area,” said Juma.

Meanwhile Mr Odwa Opara, Youth Representative from Boma State said that the signing of the document meant getting solution to end the atrocities that the communities have been experiencing for many decades.

“As leaders, we shall be working hand in hand with the National Non-Governmental Organizations [NNGOs] advocating for peace and government so that the signed document is respected,” said Mr Opara.

The Program Coordinator for Christian Agency for Peace and Development Mr Peter Malir Biar said that document would be taken to the media house for publication and broadcasting. It will later be taken to the office of the First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai for presentation since his Office was assigned to deal with the matter between the two States.

Among some of the issues they agreed to end include cooperation and collaboration in recovering the stolen animals through joint police service and youth committee.

All the abducted children should be returned safely to their rightful families.



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