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With Odongo Odoyo

This week will remain memorable in the history of this country with rich happenings. Just after conclusion of the successful Great South Sudan Run, came the heroic welcome of athletes after winning four medals in Rwanda and now one of the much awaited moment is approaching with President Salva Kiir and his designated Vice Presidents except one who was left behind to take care of the nation, are all in Vatican for prayers in readiness for the formation next month of all inclusive government. They are in the Vatican to meet Pope Francis who has equally invited Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby to pray for the leaders and the country for the peace restoration and future co-existence in the country. These are indications of how things are expected to go or happen when the real peace is achieved. The great run brought together local and foreigners to witness the thanksgiving for peace, love and unity which the country had been longing for far this long. The winning of medals in four disciplines of the Olympic committee organized event in Rwanda was yet another show of might by the country’s representatives to the games that if only permanent peace could be achieved, a lot would be done in the sporting fields. And as if these expectations are coming to be real in the life of everyone and leadership is in the Vatican seeking for prayers for real peace. The latter is one that every one of us must work hard to maintain and help the leadership achieve this goal. This is the time we must be seen to be together for a noble purpose. It is the time to collectively walk the talk. It has been shown that given the peaceful environment a number of good things would come up within a very short period of time. Nothing can stop us from achieving this goal and if any, there must be a big no. Right now the country needs to remain and be one. It is time to speak one voice of peace to every ear that is able to listen. This is the song whose tune must be heard in every corner of the country. Anybody coming with another tune must be rejected because when we have peaceful environment, business will flow to boost the currently down-shape economy. This is the direction that everyone would wish to follow. It is the sure way for the future of the next generation. It is the sure way to succeed in life without worry or fear of the unknown. We are all on our knees with those in Vatican praying that permanent peace will be realized sooner than later. We are on our knees together asking the almighty not to allow the past experience re-occurs in this country. We are asking the almighty to ensure that the only way forward is peace in all parts of the country. Let the almighty’s power prevail and bring peace, love and unity.

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