Israeli agricultural technologies increase food production

Israeli Ambassador to South Sudan Amb.Hanan Goder (file photo)

By Kidega Livingstone 

The Israeli Ambassador to Juba Hanan Goder said his country’s modern agricultural technologies would increase food production if the knowledge acquired by the students is put into use.

“I admired a big number of you who turned up and want to bring the change in this country through agriculture,” he told the students who are aspiring to do agriculture courses in Israel.

Ambassador Goder said program that would give you knowledge and tools to change your life and the nation. He said by adopting Israeli technology on agriculture it will lead to high food production in the country.

He made the remarks yesterday while briefing over 800 students who applied for Learn and Earn program in Israel.

Ambassador Goder further said Israel had similar challenges like what South Sudan was undergoing but his government combat the problems by introducing technology that contributed to growth of the economy.

“We don’t have so many miracles these days but hard work. It’s only 3% of the population doing agriculture and we have high production in that sector because of the technology. The remaining populations are doing other jobs for the development of our nation,” he added.

He said in Israel most of the famers used drip irrigation using a pipe with an old that provide water drop for every 10 minutes to each root of the crops planted.

“In Israel fertilizers put in water and supply the entire pipe for drip irrigation in that particular farm. In this case you will be able to save amount of fertilizers and money,” said Goder.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Kornelio Kon said those students who completed agriculture program in Israel would be supported by the government in order to make use of their knowledge.

“We need change to come with you and the change is going to start with you to block importing food from other Counties,” said Kornelio.

Emmanuel Zangazee, one of the students who studied in Israel said they acquired good knowledge from the program and they were ready to apply the knowledge

“This program is very good because it trains you on time management and hard work in agricultural sector because in Israel the more time you work and more money you earn,” Emmanuel said.

Learn and Earn program is an International program that admits students from different parts of the world.

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