Investment conference scheduled for end of March

The organizers of investment conference [photo by Mandela Nelson Denis]

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan Business Connect is due to host investment conference by the end of this month to attract more investors in the country.

Wek Bol, the Director and Co-Founder of South Sudan Business Connect said the conference would focus on the sector of agriculture, Finance and telecommunication.

Wek further said the objective of the conference was to serve as abridge for prospective investors, companies and organizations interested in investing in the South Sudan’s private sector.

“This conference is focusing on areas that are largely underdeveloped, in South Sudan we focus so much on the oil and gas sector and we would like investment in the country to be diversified,” Wek said.

Wek said if the country had diversified investments, South Sudan would be stable economically instead of relying only on oil.

Akol Adok, a member of South Sudan Business Connect said that the idea of the conference was to connect South Sudan with the rest of the world.

“The investment conference will bring both local and international investors to connect with the country’s private sector,” he said.

The conference is expected to bring on board the country’s policy makers from the investment industry.

“We will have policy makers for the investors to realize that their business in the country would be safe without fear of incurring loses,” he said.

South Sudan Business Connect is a forum for young South Sudanese who are ready to provide useful data for investment in the country.

South Sudan is blessed with a lot of resources but apart from oil most of its resources remain untapped.

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