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With Odongo Odoyo

My sympathy goes to one of my friends Rajab Muhandis for having lost his new born baby. This is the road for the young and the old alike. But what he witnessed while moving from one health institution to another is a different story to tell. (See story in another page). My take is that the medical facilities are in daring need of improvements. There is equally lack of medicine and patients are sometime and all the time forced to buy drugs from private pharmacies. It is like some doctors are colluding with or part owners of these facilities. How can one explain the consistent shortage of drugs in the main hospital pharmacy but just next door they are found at higher prices? Ministry of Health has some duties here to monitor and ensure that medicines are available and are affordable to the common-man. Infact many who cannot afford the drugs from private outlets end up suffering silently and in agony because the prices are far beyond their reach. It would be of essence if the medical inspection team were making sure of routinely checking drugs availability in public hospital. While it can be argued that funds may not be available, the life of a person should not be gambled with if it can be saved there cannot be another life in life. This is why health facilities should be given maximum attention and this is why drugs must be made available in hospital.There should be a need to feel belonging and owning. There should be a cause to be proud to be associated with an institution of public service delivery. It is pointless to pretend to be there while your mission is not for service delivery to the public. Cases of expired drugs being supplied should also be looked into it cannot be taken for granted and even private health institutions with less qualified medical personnel should not be allowed to operate. Worse still there are traditional herbalists who claim to treat all and every diseases in the world. How can these people be allowed to con the public of their hard earned sweat. People turn to these because they are cheap but it is not the cost that is in question here. It is the service provided. These people do not treat sickness. They are not professional and should be banned from operating. They have mushroomed to the extent that they are known for aiding abortion and all sorts of unorthodox medical practices. I would wish to join my friend Muhandis is castigating those who are supposed to save life but were not committed to their duties. They are a disgrace to the institutions they serve, the society and the country. These are people who should not be allowed to carry out medical work because the work is for saving the lives. Let it be known to them that they may be causing more harm to the public by neglecting their duties.

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