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Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security speaks to journalists in his office (Photo: Sheila Ponnie)

By Sheila Ponnie

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has pledged 9.8 million dollars to South Sudan for agriculture.

The pledge was made in a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Onyoti Adigo last week in Italy where the minister was invited to attend the 41st session of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations which took place from 22nd to 29th of June.

Minister Onyoti said in their meeting with the Vice President and the Vice Director General of IFAD, they pledged to work with and support the Government of South Sudan.

“You know IFAD was working in South Sudan but after the crisis of 2016 they pulled out from the country so they are now saying that they are ready to work and support the country and they pledged that this time they will bring at least 9.8 million dollars to South Sudan for different projects mainly for agriculture so it’s good news,” Adigo explained.

He said his office is ready to support the organisation carry out its projects in the country once they returned.

He urged organizations working in the country to coordinate their work through the Ministry of Agriculture.

“Whatever you are doing should be passing through the ministry and this is where we will be giving you the guidance because we have the policy and the Comprehensive Agriculture Master Plan,” Adigo said.

“So whoever is helping South Sudan should be confirmative with the Agriculture Master Plan which has been developed by the Government and proved by it,” he added.

The minister said that his office does not need the money but that organisations should inform the ministry of what they are doing so that their activities can be monitored.

Adigo also revealed that during the 41st session of the FAO conference, that took place on the 22nd-29th of June, South Sudan for the first time participated in voting of the new Director General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

“What is very important is that South Sudan played a very big role for the passing of China and the sense that South Sudan was the head of G77 of the underdeveloped countries so we managed to lobby for these countries in order to vote for China and indeed they made it,” Adigo said.

He added that one of the things is that South Sudan became a member of independent council of FAO, which is a good progress.

The minister said he also had another side meeting with the newly elected FAO Director General, Qu Dongyu on how he could support South Sudan.

“He promised that he will be standing with South Sudan and to give full support to the country and he will be supporting South Sudan in capacity building, proving modern seeds for the farmers,” he said.

Qu Dongyu of China was elected Director General of FAO last week.


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