Group joins peace restoration process

By Odongo Odoyo

A number of groups have come out to support peace restoration process despite their political differences and stand.

The latest group to join the process is headed by a splinter group composing of former cabinet minister, sitting members of parliament and senior security personnel.

Talking to Juba Monitor, the Secretary General of the Interim Governance Council, Otim David Okot said although they broke away from the group led by the First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai, they stood for peace for the whole country and were open for dialogue anytime. He said their breaking ranks with Gai should not be confuse with the situation since they had all along been championing for peace despite internal political squabbles that culminated in the break away.

Okot said people should not mix internal politics with the on-going peace process which was required to bring back sanity and order for the benefit of the country. He called on all citizens of goodwill to stand and position themselves along the restoration of peace in every part of the country.

He said while they were of different opinion within the former group, this should not be capitalized on as a dividing factor by some politicians. “Politician should be in the forefront of taking and preaching peace to the common-man. They should drum this message home because with peace there will be improved life style in every home”, he added.

Okot said the only way to have improved economy was to ensure all sectors of developments from grassroots to the upper level were nurtured to prosperity.

Peace in the country, he added, was for the well-being of the future of the country and not an individual as some would want people to believe. “With peace even the political atmosphere will be very conducive to us politicians and we can be able to make informed decisions.”

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