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With Odongo Odoyo

The regional bloc, IGAD concluded its meeting with Thomas Cirilo in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and left for Nairobi Kenya to a scheduled meeting with Paul Malong today. These efforts are geared towards all inclusivity and for a lasting peace. There have been more going on behind the scene to ensure peace was restored in all parts of the country. Differing groups are being brought to fold on the table to chat the way forward. Not all have been as expected because some people are crossing the hard-line roads, but eventually, showing positive move for the sake of the country and the common-man.This is how it should be. Everyone should own and feel belonging. It is the only way that the country would enjoy the much needed peace and the only way to help jump-start development activities for the benefit of the citizens. President Salva Kiir who has been on a long tour of the Bahr El Ghazal region has demonstrated by action that all he wanted everyone to have is peace. The President touring different areas in the regions has made it clear that all communities living together or neigh bouring one another must remain peaceful. They must live like brothers. They must live like sisters. They should avoid confrontation and fighting among themselves. This is a mission worth taking by all elected leaders to their areas. MPs went on recess and given time enough to “go and preach peace to their electorates.” It will be telling how many heeded this call and it would be of significance if they all took the exercise to the grassroots. The President is leading by action he has spent days in the region preaching peace. Why should it be difficult for some elected leaders to do the same? It just need little time for the people to be brought on board to understand the importance of restoring peace in the whole country. This noble gesture cannot be left to one person or few individuals. It has to be carried out by leaders who should not politicize the move. The move should be extended to those in diaspora for them to understand the real situation in the country and why peace was important. They should not rely on reports factored by some media outlets whose interests are externally based and which do not articulate the real condition and situation in the country. The truth is everyone should face the reality that without peace there will be no development and the economy will remain stagnant without expected growth. I am of the strong belief that collectively, there will be a move forward and a positive move for that matter. As the regional body is working out to bring all on board, there should be willingness from the same that they were ready to preach the same gospel of peace for all. It is my hope that someone is reading this column now and it might make a small positive change in someone’s life. That positive change should be nothing less than peace.

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