Gov’t to improve Rumbek Health Institute

By Mabor Riak Magok

The national Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Agency (UNFPA) have agreed to fund Rumbek Health Science Institute (RHSI).

Dr. Mapuor Akec, Director General for Medical Services at the national Ministry of Health said they were in Western Lakes State with the donors’ teamto oversee the ongoing health projects in the state.

“We have come here with some donor representatives from the global affairs Canada who are supporting people of South Sudan in different projects including health projects,” Dr.AKec added.

He said they wanted the donors to see for themselves what projects they had been funding in the Country and Western Lakes state in particular.

Dr. Akecurged the students of Rumbek Health Science Institute (RHSI) to be committed to their courses they were undertaking so as to improve the health situation in the area.

The administrator of RHSI, Mawut Santo said the UNFPA has agreed to cooperate with the national ministry of health in supporting the institution.

According to Mawut, the government in collaboration with the UNFPA would work out on how to support the tutors.

He said the trainers need some incentives in order to motivate them.

The RHSI administrator hailed parents for sending their children to the institute and he urged the students to concentrate on their studies.

Malok Thon Malok, a second year Student at the RHSI doing Clinical medicine requested the establishment of students’ hostels

“We don’t have accommodation and the power supply is inadequate. There is also an inadequate wash rooms,” he said.

He said the tutors were very patriotic although they were on part-timing basis.

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