Gov’t suspends JMEC meeting over Sudan turmoil

By Kitab A Unango

The ongoing political turmoil in Sudan has prompted the government yesterday to suspend the Reconstituted-Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee’s fifth Board meeting and pushed it for today.

R-JMEC was expected to present its report during the meeting to its Board members, including representatives of the Transitional Government of National Unity, South Sudanese Stakeholders, and IGAD member states, the UN, the Troika, China, EU and the International Partners Forum.

However, participants and stakeholders at the meeting were surprised by the JMEC’s chairperson, Augustino Njoroge announcing the adjournment of the meeting for today.

The reason is to allow the government to monitor the political situation at the neighborhood, Sudan.

Cabinet minister Martin Elia Lomuro, told participants at the meeting yesterday at Palm Africa Hotel to accept government’s request to allow it to monitor what was happening in Sudan.

He said South Sudan was concerned of what was happening with its neighbor, Sudan.

“We as the government, we have neighborhood with Sudan. We have to take cognizance of what is happening in Sudan. We know that Sudan is the guarantor of this peace agreement”, Lomuro said.

“The President himself and the First Vice President are not in the country, you must also be civil to think that we should not be concerned of the problem. Our concern is genuine, strong and we request all of you to adopt the request,” he requested participants to accept adjournment of the meeting.

Over the past months Sudan has been in a political turmoil with citizens demanding for Omar El-Bashir to step down as president.




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