Gov’t, civil societies condemn alleged rape report

By Kitab A Unango

The government and civil society organizations have condemned media report of alleged rape being used as a policy of the government.

According to the government and civil society organizations, in March this year an Indian media organization reported alleged UN report citing rape being used as a new policy in South Sudan by government to its pro-militia in exchange for their unpaid salaries.

Officials from the National Government and Jubek State, members of civil society organizations, representatives of religions and non-governmental organizations met at Palm Africa Hotel yesterday to condemn the report and called on UN and Indian government to avail the alleged policy and report it to people of South Sudan.

They said neither the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan nor traditions and cultures of the country condone rape, adding that such report was meant to tarnish the image of the country and its people.

“The government of South Sudan has no policy that permits rape or condone it. The transitional national constitution, Penal Code 2018 is against any form of harm to person, children in South Sudan,” said Awut deng Acuil, the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare.

“All the traditions and cultures of South Sudan do not support rape. We condemned the report in strongest terms possible. Therefore we demand UN and government of India to avail to us the alleged policy and report,” she added.

They said government’s recent move to punish those involved in rape cases during the crisis was enough to justify that South Sudan does not condone rape and other forms of violence.

They again said the report has given bad image to both men and women of South Sudan.

They said though there were reports of rape cases, the country has not reached that extend of adopting rape as a policy.

They threatened to go on the street should UN and Indian government fail to respond to their demands.


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