Governor Mamer exempts taxes on local produce

 Vegetable sellers in Rumbek Town (photo credit: Mabor Riak)

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Governor of Western Lakes State John Deng Mamer has lifted all taxes on local food produce.

While addressing a rally in Rumbek on Monday, Governor Mamer also fixed transport cost of traveling from Rumbek-Juba and Rumbek-Wau at 5000SSP.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Mayor of Rumbek Municipality, Mabor Chawuop Mabor said they have started implementing the order for tax exemption.

“These people who are selling local vegetable products in Rumbek market are only working from hand to mouth. The local people who are selling local vegetables, fire wood are doing it for survival,” he said.

Rumbek municipality administrator, Monde Majak Wol confirmed that they were also implementing government’s orders that ban school children from doing business in the market.

“The Western Lakes State, ministry of education has issued an order banning all children who are doing business in the market. No school child is allowed to work in the market,” Wol said.

However, Wol has dismissed the allegations of mistreating women who are selling vegetables in the market by the Rumbek Municipality administration.

“No woman has been beaten or forced to sit down under the sun in Rumbek market. The issue is the lack of space to accommodate all of them under one tree,” he explained.

“Women are very many and the space is not enough for all of them and we want them to set up their own shelters,” he said

Elizabeth Adol Kok, a 40-year old woman and vegetable seller in Rumbek Market complained that they are being beaten and forced by the security forces to sit down under the sun for the whole day.

“Our vegetables always get dry under the sun as we suffer too. Since the governor said we should not be taxed the security have become so harsh to us,” he said.

Deborah Yar Ruop, a vendor in the market said women were being beaten and forced to sit down under the hot sun.

“If anybody goes and sit down under the shade while watching at her goods immediately the security forces will confiscate her vegetables and the money she gets from the sale,” Ruop explained.

“We are selling vegetables and other local produces such as groundnut paste, firewood in order to help our families to survive,” he said.

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