Give up not on torontos

By Ngor Khot Garang

I don’t know what toronto means but I know some of the boys that people branded as “the Nigga Groups” They are known for nothing good but trouble. Most people think they are under a curse but how? This is what I fail to understand because I see them in different lenses.

They are the hope and architect of the country, some of these boys if not all of them have talents and potentials that when they are engaged in constructive activities it would be a great discovery to the country but it is very heartbreaking to imagine the kind of life these young boys are living, most of them don’t even know they are alive, some of them sometimes dies from the injuries they sustained from the beatings or groups brawl.

Few days ago I read in the news about the death of two young people, one in Rock City and the other in Thongpiny, they are believed to be members of this commonly known ‘Nigga groups’ Can you imagine losing such young people in such a way, Can you imagine how the parents must have struggled, the pains they might have gone through to see them grow, the hopes they must have had on them, Maybe they were the only children to their parents. Now they are gone, with no name behind, leaving the parents in deep abyss of sadness. These boys are ours, the country’s sons. We should not be quiet as the community. Do you feel comfortable seeing your child or your neighbor’s posing threat to the community?

Does it sound good to hear “Nigga groups fought among this evening to the demise of two of their members”? Let us put them in our prayers (nigga groups) they’re are oblivious of what they are doing, some of them are as young as 12 years of age and they are only lured by what other boys of their age are doing thinking it is good to do.

Others are forced by life situations given the deteriorating economic depression; most of the parents find it hard to send their children to school or to put food on the table for their loved ones. It is not too late to get them back on the right track.

Arresting them will not change anything. However, it is good to arrest them because it will keep them away from continuing to take part in destructive activities but they needs to be rehabilitated, send to school and taught that their lives belongs to them.

These are the same people who will come to be tomorrow’s leaders; these are the same people who will turn to be replica of their parents. It is sad that some of them have no parents or guardian, maybe they are not sure of who they are, their purpose in life or what the future holds for them. Let us all think of the possible ways to reform these young men, it is through them that we feel hopeful about the future.

They mean a lot to us and they have to be vehemently encouraged that good life is in doing things that reflects who you would be tomorrow. You may wonder why I am suggesting the impossible ideas but early the better, we shouldn’t be complaining every time about the ills committed by the nigga groups or toronto boys. This Easter season has been calm but three suspected members of the commonly known nigga groups have been apprehended and are in police custody.  Don’t you feel sad when you hear these comments? How will you take it if your son is among these groups, the one you raised through hardships?

Unless we take concrete steps, the condition of these boys is going to get out of hand and their overall existence would be a bothersome to the whole community because the only schooling they receive is how to be a criminal. We want these young men to understand their value and to know that their actions would also influence the generation coming after them.

If you’re a young person reading this piece, I want you to understand the pains your parents went through,  the marks of tears you have left on their cheeks, the rough battles of life they have fought to get you from the beginning to make you like other children.  Make right choices for your life because at the end of the day, it is you alone. You will be the only one to feel sorry for yourself; you will be the same person to cry on the way over the wrong choices you made after choosing wrong path.

Nobody will ever come to your aid even when all the skies are falling upon you.  It is you alone; it is your life, yours alone, decides what is best for it.  It is not too late.  Never desire to be somebody else and let not anybody control your life.  You are God’s most valued products. Would you accept to waste that energy doing things that would turn their teeth on you?  Be proud that you are still young and know why you are here.

The author is a high school student.  He can be reached via Email: ngorjacob7@gmail.com


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