Editorial 12th Nov 2018

The action by the army and other organized forces to join members of the public in cleaning the streets of Juba and its environs is commendable. It is an exercise which was long overdue since most of the time the soldiers have been only known to be in the barracks friendly to nothing but their guns. This culture is coming to an end and the men of uniforms and guns are now being deployed to mingle and be friendly with members of the public. This is a clear indication of the commitment by various unit commands to instill social discipline in the activities of the soldiers. For a country to match up and make it in various fields of developments; there is need to interact in all spheres of life. There is need to be friendly and not fear the uniform. The uniformed people are sons and daughters of this country. They are brothers and sisters of someone. They need to use their own hands to produce and feed the nation. In some of the developed and developing countries, the forces are used in different capacities not only to protect but also get involved in agriculture, health and other socio-economic activities. The soldiers here have been engaged on long struggle of war and to bring them into active public domain will need time but it is a promising start with the monthly programme of carrying the gun with the left hand while the right carries broom to sweep the conflict away and welcome peace for the eventuality. They should be able to integrate peacefully and even pay visits to their families and friends when not wearing uniform. They should be able to mix and talk freely without the known military voices which are associated with sounding orders instead of requests. Let the guns be silent and the broom take over.


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