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Flights resume after unexpected disruption

By Kidega Livingstone

Domestic and regional fights have resumed after the National Security Services provided two radios for airspace communication to South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority.

On Friday radios used for communication with flights failed, causing an unexpected disruption of operations at Juba International Airport. Flights were cancelled until Saturday afternoon when the improvised radios were used.

Mathiang Maker Thon, the Chief Executive Officer for South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the development.

He said on Saturday at 1:00 pm, the airport started operations after they were rescued by the National Security Services.

“We had the old radios used for communication on the airspace that got spoilt on Friday evening and affected the operations at the airport because domestic and regional fights were not able to operate but  the National Security rescued us providing us with two radios and as I talk, the work has started normally,” said the relieved Maker.

“The government also has already sent two engineers to South Africa to bring two new radios that will be installed immediately,” he added.

Maker emphasized that the communication fault at the airport has affected people’s businesses as well as the mission of the government and none governmental organization operating in the country.

He revealed that the Civil Aviation Authority officials will sign an agreement    with the government of France to provide two emergency radios.

“Tomorrow (today) we are going to sign the agreement. Government of France will provide two emergency radios for the airspace. We are going to sign the document that will allow us to pay them later,” said maker.

“We are going to bring all the equipment for the airspace and nobody will complain again,” he assured.

New development

According to Maker, two buses for transporting the passengers within the airport have arrived and two more were on the way.

“There is a company called ZAS aviation. They brought two buses. Nobody is going to walk in the airport again. They will be transported from the terminals to the plane and from the plane to the terminals,” said Maker.

He said the buses will start operation by next week.

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