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Five Shot in Bor on Independence Day

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon


At least four policemen, one civilian have been shot in a cross fire during the Independence Day celebration in Bor.

According to eyewitnesses, two groups of young boys known as niggers started a fight during traditional dance that prompted the security forces to intervene.

The sources said when the national security arrived at the scene; the young boys were so arrogant and violent. “The soldiers had to shoot in the air in self-defense since the gang turned against them”.

The person said four police officers were shot by the national security in a cross fire.

Another eye witness who did want to be mentioned for fear of reprisal blamed the national security for randomly shooting on people in the town even when the group of niggers had run away.

“It was a fight between the two crews called Original Gang (OG) and Ganja Talent. They had misunderstanding among themselves. As the national security arrived at the scene, these young men were so aggressive aiming to attack the security vehicle, in the process to separate the fight, the national security injured these people,” the eye witness explained.

Ngor Gon, a casualty who was shot next to Liberty Commercial Bank returning home claimed that the soldiers just opened fire at him when he was buying airtime.

He said that he was not part of the group that wanted to engage in a fight with the national security.

“No, I was not part of the fight. I saw many soldiers on the street. And as a result someone opened a bullet on me. And now I have a gun shot wound at the leg,” the victim said.

The bullet on Mr. Gon’s leg had not been removed by press time.

Moses Adul Abednego, Inspector of Administration at Criminal Investigation Department section of Jonglei confirmed the incident.

He said that the Jonglei state police unit was still determining the cause of the problem before the final investigation.

“The investigation started after the situation has calmed down. Now people have just started deliberating about it and we would want to know the main cause of the problem.  Now we cannot just investigate before we understand the root cause,” he said.

He admitted that the national security’s vehicle was burnt down and so it cannot be driven.

Mr. Abednego said that there was urgent security meeting convened to discuss further investigation.

He said that the police personnel were shot in a cross fire when the soldiers were randomly shooting.

Atong Kuol Manyang Juuk, Jonglei state Minister of Information confirmed the incident.

She blamed the incident on the hostile young boys whom she believes normally cause chaos in Bor town.

The casualties verified at Bor state Hospital by Juba Monitor include 50 year old Abot Ayuel Malual wounded at the thigh, 30 year old Magai Dau and 20 year old Ngor Gon wounded at the legs respectively.

The other two casualties were admitted at private Hospitals within Bor town.



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