Five arrested in Torit for gambling

A group of youth arrested in Torit for gambling |Photo| Thomas Lodovico Oryem

By Thomas Lodovico Oryem

The Police Chief Inspector for Torit Central Division said they have detained five youth for gambling along Kinnitti River last Friday.

Maj. Justice Kelupas Takuru said they have launched a campaign to crack down on criminal activities including gambling ahead of Christmas festivity.

“As you know, when Christmas is approaching, this youth would be stealing money from the households and use it for gambling with the aim to gain more money and sometimes, they end up fighting amongst them,” Maj. Takuru said.

He said the campaign would continue to ensure that all citizens were protected from criminals in Torit State.

Maj. Takuru urged the youth to seek for legal ways of making money instead of gambling.

The youth were reportedly arrested with over 7,000 SSP while playing cards at the bank of Kinnitti River which is commonly known as Jinana Roko in Torit State.

The police was supposed to open a legal procedure against the five arrested youth and hand over them to the court of law yesterday.



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