Eastern lakes Minister denies alleged impeachment

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Eastern Lakes’ state Minister of Land and Physical Infrastructure has denied being impeached by the state Assembly for embezzling public funds.

This came a day after he was summoned by state assembly to clarify complaints raised against him over mismanagement of the public funds in the State.

The assembly resolutions seen by Juba Monitor and signed by speaker dated 25th March indicated that Abraham Majak has been given a vote of no confidence on his case.

According to Eastern lakes’ Speaker Andrew Acijok Yak, said Minister Majak acquired the shops in the township and began to sell them without the knowledge of the council of Ministers.

Acijok accused the Minister of embezzling 5.6 million South Sudanese Pounds after selling the nine shops which he said was in violation of the state’s constitution.

“He was summoned by parliament for having allegedly sold nine shops away for the amounts worthy 5 million and six hundred thousand Pounds,” Acijok said.

“The minister violated article 145 sub regulation 1/2/3 of Lakes state transitional constitution 2011 amended by failing to remit the money which got lost in his hand therefore he is mismanaging public funds”, he added.

According to Acijok the minister sold nine first class shops for South Sudanese Pounds ranging from 600 000 to 700 000.

He pointed out that minister Majak presented to the parliament 2.6 million South Sudanese Pounds and denied the balance.

Article 114 sub article 1 of Lakes state Transitional Constitution 2011 as amended and article 92 of conduct of business quote “legislative Assembly may by a resolution support by a two third majority pass a vote of no confidence.

The speaker added that the minister was charged of failure to remit to state treasury a sum of 5,600,000 SSP.

However, Minister Abraham Majak denied the alleged claimed of fund embezzlement and mismanagement as well as being impeachment by August house.

He termed the alleged as a claim by the assembly that it is a mere lie and politically motivated meant to tarnish his image.

The Minister denied the accusation saying that the assembly had neither impeached him nor his Ministry had been allocated nine pieces of land.

“It is a politically motivated move. I was not impeached, what I know is our ministry was given five pieces of land not nine”, Majak said.

He said the five pieces of land given are still unsold. He refuted all the claims against him as baseless and has no ground.

Majak said this through phone conversation from the state capital, Yirol on Friday last week.

According to Majak some of the alleged sold shops were reclaimed by owners after the survey while the rest were given to commissioners.

He called for a fact findings committee to investigate the matter.

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