Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


It cannot be overemphasized. But indeed there are countries that do not wish well for Africa. From time immemorial, they exploited and took away our natural resources pretending to research on them. They hoodwinked our grand papas into believing in their mightiness of transforming the impossible. It slowly downed on the current crop of the present to start looking into the so called mightiness. They came out with shocking findings. The West had duped Africa continent for so long that the riches of the continent were shipped abroad without benefitting the continent. The west went further to form International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank commonly referred to as the Bretton hood brothers. These two institutions were used to siphon or to be precise loot the continent resources under the pretext of repayment of soft loan. It continued with these activities until other players from the East resurfaced and threatened their “robbery without violence” activities against Africa. It is time for African leaders to go back to the drawing board and articulate what was in the original mind of the Pan Africanism champions. They had a vision and a mission for independent Africa. They did not want to go back to the York of colonization. The rejection by the up-coming and out-pacing Eastern Tigers, among them China, Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia among others, is a clear indicator that Africa can do it. These countries’ resisted moves by the west and are able to stand their economic ground independently. They found goodies from the west bitter to shallow and decided to go on their own. Realizing that they had been beaten in their own game, the west came with different approach to dominate Africa. I am not really against the west but when we cannot account for proceeds from our own natural resources, then something is very wrong and that wrong thing must be put right. It is time the continent to find willing friends and partners that can do business with Africa. We have seen that loan or funds from the west have made some developing countries bend on their knees begging. There are countries like China and India willing to trade with Africa. They have shown by providing funds and even training manpower. They are ready for barter trade like which is “I give you what l has in exchange of what you have”. The deal; is over and nobody follow the other. It is pointless to be given millions and worse made “slave of debt” There is no stopping when you start borrowing as debts will follow you and your off-springs. Borrow wisely or at best don’t borrow at all. It is good to exchange goods in a barter trade than being placed in awkward situation with debts up to your neck. This is what Pan Africanism was and is all about.

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